Legacy Fleet

Legends of Legacy Fleet: A companion series to the Legacy Fleet Series.

Legends of Legacy Fleet will include stories that don't fit into the timeline of novels in the main Legacy Fleet series. Some will be standalone novels. Some will be shorter series within the greater Legends of Legacy Fleet series. Some are written by Nick Webb, and some by other authors. But all of them will be stories of heroes, war, survival, camaraderie, United Earth fleets desperately defending humanity against the onslaught of the unstoppable Swarm and its allies, and the sacrifices required for victory.

Coming soon:

Captain Granger has returned from the black hole, the Swarm is defeated, but his troubles are not over. They've only just begun. Before him lies an almost insurmountable task: rummaging through millions of years of faded memories to find the needle in the haystack that will prevent an unstoppable alien invasion of Earth. With the ISS Defiant and its new crew he sets out towards unexplored star systems, and finds a lost human colony under attack by an alien race that he has never heard of before. With the colony on the verge of destruction he searches desperately for the clue that holds the key for Earth's defense and survival. But the colony must survive first.
Fortunately, saving planets is Granger's specialty.

And many more novels in the Legends of Legacy Fleet series, coming late 2018.