Legacy Fleet


The adventure that started with Constitution, Warrior, and Victory, will not only be followed up by The Legacy Ship Trilogy, but now there are several other outstanding authors who have volunteered to expand the Legacy Fleet Universe. Each of the books listed below was written by extremely talented authors who Nick has worked with one on one to continue the adventure of the Legacy Fleet. These stories are not only "authorized" by Nick, but are fantastically good space opera reads. You won't be disappointed.


By Christopher Valin

When Commander Vicente Zamora exonerated his captain for the murder of a young officer, he thought things would get better aboard his new ship. But he soon discovers that his troubles are just beginning, as the case against the XO doesn't go as smoothly as planned.

To make matters worse, there's a connection to the notorious Khorsky Incident that becomes more insidious as time goes on. Meanwhile, his best friend Neil, an IDF Intel agent, is recruited for a secret mission by a super spy who is more than she appears--a mission to Vitaly Three, the scene where the Khorsky Incident took place.

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Christopher Valin is the author of Sidekick, book 1 of the Red Raptor Files.

Find Christopher at his website, or on Facebook.


By Jon Frater

With the Battle of Valhalla Station over, the Second Swarm War is in full swing and Earth is barely holding on. 

In an attempt to regain the initiative, IDF has sent its remaining legacy armada to Francia Sector under command of the legendary Captain Granger.

Earth’s defense now rests upon the prototype asteroid ship Colossus, a behemoth of awesome power, as it watches and waits for the next Swarm appearance…which occurs all too soon and unexpectedly.

Jon Frater is the author of Article 9, the first book of the Blockade Trilogy.

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By Josi Russell

The Swarm has returned.

They attack mercilessly, wiping out all human life they encounter. Our best ships. Our newest weapons.

But Lunar Base won’t go down without a fight. Beneath its dome, medic Kadence Leigh pulls the wounded from the rubble and makes it her mission to get them to safety, Swarm or no Swarm. Along the way she acquires the help of a ragged group of Lunar Base survivors: a wounded admiral, an AWOL commander, and a renegade pilot. 

They must set aside old conflicts and band together in a fight to survive the Lunar Base apocalypse. Will their combined skills be enough to save them from humanity’s most brutal foe?

Josi Russell is the author of Caretaker, which was a finalist for the Utah Book Award!

Find Josi at her website or on Facebook

By Chris Pourteau

Earth defeated the aliens once. Now they’re back.

After the devastating attack on Earth, the Swarm fell back to regroup. Now, sooner than expected, they’ve returned to finish what they started: enslaving the human race.

Samantha Avery, newly promoted captain of AVENGER, has her hands full—a paid assassin seeking her death, a renegade officer working for the Swarm, and an enemy fleet bent on the destruction of the vital Wellington Shipyards. As the Swarm launches a devastating attack against Britannia Sector, Avery finds she must seek victory on multiple fronts.

But Avery is a patriot for humanity. She’s a dam standing tall against the alien flood. She’s an AVENGER.

Chris Pourteau is the author of The Serenity Strain: Stormbreak

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By Aaron Hubble

A warship with no history…
A captain with something to prove…
A father with a plan for revenge…
A pilot with nothing to care for…

After years of being passed over for a command, Captain Thuc Vo finally had a ship of his own. Three weeks later, the Swarm returned and took it all away. Now with a new ship, he must turn the most inexperienced crew in IDF into a cohesive team before the Swarm, and a surprising new enemy, destroy all he’s worked for.

Blaming Captain Tim Granger for the death of his son, Commander Nikolas Keats looks for an avenue for revenge. The retribution will cost him his career, his wife, and his oldest friends. Is he willing to pay the high cost?

The Swarm stripped Lieutenant Nora Quinn of everything she ever cared about. She now relies on nothing but her X-25 and her skill. Forced to lead an inexperienced squad, Quinn searches for a reason to care.

Their paths converge on the ISS Tripoli.

Aaron Hubble is the author of the gripping space novel Ash: Farpointe Initiative

Find Aaron at his website


By Will Swardstrom
Paul K. Swardstrom

Commander Abraham Haws, XO of the ISS Constitution, is back!

Vigilance follows Haws from his beginnings as the son of a war hero,  to his tumultuous days in the Academy, to a mission where he risks everything, and ultimately to the infamous Khorsky Incident.

Through it all, Abe Haws is slowly molded into the man readers grew to love in the novel Constitution. In the end, Haws must fight to deal with the aftermath of his and Granger’s actions when everything hits the fan at Vitaly Three.

Will and Paul Swardstrom, two brothers, are the phenomenal writing duo behind Blink.

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By David Bruns

The aliens took her ship. Commander Halsey wants it back.

For decades they were among us, silently infiltrating the power structures of society. Now the Swarm stands on Earth’s doorstep. As humanity launches a desperate counter-attack, the alien victory seems inevitable.

For Halsey, this is personal. While the Fleet executes their battle plan, she leads a do-or-die suicide strike at the heart of the alien force: her own Invincible, turned into a weapon against mankind. With time running out Halsey fights to take back her command and save the human race--or die trying.

She is a proud warrior. She is humanity’s last hope. She is Invincible.

David Bruns is the creator of the sci-fi series, The Dream Guild Chronicles. In his spare time, he co-writes thrillers with a retired naval intelligence officer. Their latest book is Jihadi Apprentice, a novel about homegrown radicalism that looks less like fiction every time he opens the newspaper.

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By Michelle Garza & Melissa Lason

Captain Granger and the crew of the Warrior are called to defend the Johannesburg Sector after the Swarm attack on Earth, which is devastated by the merciless aggressors, but who also leave something behind--something that will be crucial for victory.
President Avery is surrounded by those bent on her assassination. 

And amidst the chaos and violence resounds a universal cry from United Earth and its colonies:
a cry for vengeance.

Michelle Garza and Melissa Lason are a twin sister writing team living in Arizona. Writing in horror, science fiction, and dark fantasy, they are the authors of the thrilling Mayan Blue.

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By David Adams

A dozen years before Captain Granger leads the Constitution to Victory, he nearly loses it all at the Khorsky Incident.
Pavlov’s Dogs, a team of Russian spetsnaz lead by Lieutenant Petya Pavlov, are dropped into a civil war.
Their task is simple. Defend Hammerfall, a research centre right on the front lines, surrounded by steaming jungle. There are enemies to fight and battles to win, but the greatest dangers come from within, and the Russian Confederation faces a threat much more serious than anyone could have possibly believed…
The Khorsky Incident begins at Hammerfall, the first book of The Khorsky Trilogy.

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USA Today Bestselling author David Adams lives in Australia, and is also the author of Lacuna, and Symphony of War.

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By Moira Katson

Commander Genniver Ayers has one guiding philosophy: get the job done. Just before Captain Granger and the Constitution save Earth, Commander Ayers is far away, deep in Caliphate territory, tracking down the leaders of the slaving rings that plague the outer worlds. But entire colonies are mysteriously disappearing, and it may not just be the slavers that Ayers needs to worry about.

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Moira Katson is a professional writer who lives in Minnesota, and is also the author of Remnant, a riveting space opera set in the distant future.

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By Saul Tanpepper

Seventy-five years ago, before Captain Granger and the Constitution fight for Earth in the Second Swarm War, the alien legions savaged humanity in the First Swarm War. They destroyed our colonies, decimated Earth cities. They stole our sense of sovereignty. It wasn't all they took.
There were thirty-six of us to start, misfits all. This is the story of our abduction, our fight to survive against impossible odds, and the emergence of an unlikely hero who would lead us all home once again.

Ascendence is book 1 of the Interstellar Life of Pigeon Trilogy

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Bestselling author Saul Tanpepper lives in Australia, and is all the author of the high-tech thriller series Bunker 12.

Visit him at his website, or Facebook


A short story anthology

Presented by Samuel Peralta and Nick Webb

Edited by Therin Knite

Created by acclaimed author and "Future Chronicles" anthologist Samuel Peralta, and based on the "Legacy Fleet" world by USA Today bestselling author Nick Webb, "Alt.Chronicles: Legacy Fleet" is a ground-breaking anthology that brings together work from some of the most visionary voices working in speculative fiction today, including: Nick Webb, David Adams, Peter Cawdron, Patrice Fitzgerald, K. J. Fieler, Jon Frater, Kev Heritage, Ralph Kern, Joseph Robert Lewis, J. E. Mac, Felix R. Savage, Will Swardstrom, Matther Alan Thyer, and Christopher Valin.

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