Kindle Worlds

Attention authors, aspiring authors, and fans!

I'm pleased to announce that The Legacy Fleet Trilogy is now in the Kindle Worlds program. What does this mean for you?

It means you can write stories in the Legacy Fleet universe, and get paid for it.

 Did you ever wonder what happened during the two months between Constitution and Warrior? Or what was happening on the other worlds of United Earth invaded by the Swarm? Or what President Avery was doing behind the scenes during all the action? Well you don't have to wait, you can write it yourself! (Like these authors!)

Kindle Worlds is an Amazon program where fan authors can write authorized stories in a book world, and through a special license with Amazon and the world creator (Nick Webb), you can upload your story to Amazon, and make money from readers purchasing your work.

Where to start?

First, go read the Kindle Worlds webpage on Amazon and familiarize yourself with the program:

And familiarize yourself with the contract.

Then, select a world you want to write in. In this case, the Legacy Fleet world. You write your story, upload to Kindle Worlds, design a cover in the online cover creator, fill out a little financial info, and you're done! There's not a whole lot more than that, it's actually quite simple.

No one makes any guarantee your work will sell. For that you need to market the book. And I can help. For authors of well-written books with professional covers, I'll help market your book to tens of thousands of fans who've read and loved The Legacy Fleet Trilogy. Drop me a line at and let's discuss your story!