Nick Webb is a scientist who builds spaceships for NASA by day, and writes about starships by night.

His debut novel, The Terran Gambit (Book 1 of the Pax Humana Saga) has been downloaded nearly 100,000 times, and landed Nick on the USA Today bestsellers list in October 2014. The Pax Humana saga is a 10 book series set in Earth's future and follows the story of Earth's struggle for independence against a galactic empire.

His new series, The Legacy Fleet trilogy, is similarly set in Earth's future in the stars, but set against the backdrop of an alien invasion. New technology is useless--the only thing that stands in the alien's way is the oldest starship in the fleet, the ISS Constitution.

Nick grew up in the Seattle area, and bounced around California, Argentina, with a quick stop in Utah to pick up a Ph.D. in Experimental Physics before working for Los Alamos National Lab as a Scientist. From there it was on to Huntsville where he designs new materials for lightweight spacecraft components, fends off weeds from his tomato garden, plays legos with his kids, and somehow fits in time to write his novels.

Wherever he is, Nick loves to hear from his readers. Email him at

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