Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Now available: Legend, book 7 of the Legacy Fleet series


They’re coming. 

The Findiri, a savage, deadly race created to fight the Swarm, are on the hunt. But they no longer hunt the Swarm.

They hunt humans. And not just any human—they seek their creator, Captain Timothy Granger, and mean to destroy him.

But we are not alone. More alien races, hiding from the Swarm for millennia, also search for Earth, seeking the legend from their own stories to protect them: a being called Granger.

With Earth in the crosshairs, Granger, Admiral Proctor, and the crew of the Independence race against time to solve the mystery of the Findiri before all human and alien worlds fall.

But time is running out for all life in the galaxy, and the clock is ticking.

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(Audiobook coming in August/September 2021)